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In the Early Ages of the world of Aesis, there were four elements: life, death, creation, and destruction. The elements were rampant throughout Aesis giving its populace eternal life, restless death, and a constant war between creation and destruction. These elements were given the name The True Elements.

The Ramora Orbs, nicknamed The Four Orbs, were forged to harness and balance The True Elements by a man named Ramora. Ramora created the orbs hoping that the worldly changes would benefit Aesis. But after forging the orbs, Ramora regretted his decision when seeing disparity spread across Aesis rapidly. He attempted to destroy the orbs, but found that the powers he had given these artifacts made them indestructible. The only course of action was to spread them across the land of Aesis hoping that separation of the orbs would turn back the changes they had created. 

Ramora was unsuccessful in bringing Aesis back to its natural state. And as time passed along with the life of Ramora, Aesis eventually fell into balance. The people of Aesis called the change The Equilibrium. With The Equilibrium came the six New Elements: Purity, Spirit, Law, Chaos, Darkness, and Evil. 


Followers of The Equilibrium honor all elements with the belief that one element should not be respected higher than another. The existence of all ten is what keeps Aesis within balance and at peace. The Amalgam of Elements is the symbol donned by followers of The Equilibrium. 

The Crimson Command is an organization that patrols Aesis to maintain the balance of The Equilibrium. They are commonly seen wearing amulets, rings, or badges that display The Amalgam of Elements. The Crimson Command is highly respected by most of the citizens of Aesis as it is believed they prevent horrible disasters like the ones before The Equilibrium.

However, there are many citizens of Aesis that believe more of one element could further progress Aesis. For example, on the continent of Lunalia, the citizens of Chandellon, Somar, and Port Haven commonly focus their worship specifically to one of the ten elements and the element's assigned guardian. Kristopf, the Guardian of Law, often being the most honored.

Vorin is not commonly adored. Only two decades after The Equilibrium, The New Guardians waged war against Vorin when he attempted to gather The Ramora Orbs to obtain the power of all elements. This war is known as The War of the Guardians. The New Guardians were unsuccessful in stopping Vorin until The True Guardians stepped in and banished Vorin away into a book for eternity. The resting place of this book is unknown. The element of evil was balanced the best way possible with Vorin locked away.

Aesis continued to prosper centuries after The Equilibrium, but now prophecies tell The Crimson Command otherwise. As time passes, The Crimson Command is receiving reports from all over the world where imbalances become unstoppable...



 Heltrone - Guardian of Life
    Hamaren - Guardian of Death
Aedimo - Guardian of Creation
Exdolu - Guardian of Destruction



Dellune - Guardian of Purity
Nourani - Guardian of Spirit
Kristopf - Guardian of Law
Jiminy - Guardian of Chaos
Hanet - Guardian of Darkness
Vorin - Guardian of Evil


Heltrone: Guardian of Life


Heltrone was the first True Guardian to emerge. He was the last being with immortality. After Ramora’s death and the balancing of Aesis, he determined that it was his duty to guard life and to empower others with immortality to guard other elements. He ventured out to find others suitable of the cause and grant them immortality even though there were possible repercussions in doing so.

Heltrone guards all living things with souls. The other Guardians could not exist without him. Their immortality is linked to his and without him, The Guardians would fall and the elements could fall to the manipulation of beings strong enough to do so.


Hamaren: Guardian of Death


Hamaren is the True Guardian of Death. During the balancing of Aesis, Hamaren, wife of Heltrone, died. Heltrone’s first attempt at giving immortality to another was to Hamaren. Heltrone’s hope was that Hamaren would be resurrected as she was, but Hamaren was resurrected with the souls of all those that have passed. Hamaren attacked Heltrone as she awoke. The two fought from the Mountains of Somar to The Great Sea (as it was once known). Along the shores of the Great Sea, Heltrone pierced Hamaren with his longsword and the souls of those that had died in previous ages were cast into The Great Sea.

As the ages passed, The Great Sea took on a new name–The Shadow Sea. All of the souls that were imprisoned in Hamaren were cast into The Shadow Sea and now, no sailor will venture through The Shadow Sea.

Heltrone continued to search for someone worthy to be Guardian, but he could not let his heart pass with Hamaren. Heltrone sailed into The Shadow Sea with Hamaren’s body and fought soul after soul until he reach Hamaren. When he found Hamaren, he attempted again to grant Hamaren’s soul immortality. In doing so, Hamaren’s soul and body merged together. She was still a representation of death. Her mind had been corrupted from the instant she was killed. Heltrone brought Hamaren back to the shores. Hamaren now wanders Aesis alone guarding and ensuring death when it cannot be avoided. 


Aedimo: Guardian of Creation


Heltrone ventured far beyond his land to the Elves in Lithansis were he found an Elven hermit. Heltrone could instantly see the care and love that Aedimo felt for plants and the land. Aedimo cared to his gardens with tenderness and care.

Without question, Heltrone proposed to Aedimo an offering to become the True Guardian of Creation. Aedimo’s response was, “I would be honored to see the Avel Tree die before me.” From that day, Aedimo has been Heltrone's most favored and trusted guardian.


Exdolu: Guardian of Destruction


Exdolu before he was a True Guardian was known in Rodana as The Hand of Fire. This wizard during the unbalance pillaged towns and forests with the power of an army in his single palm. Heltrone was terrified of Exdolu but knew that he was the only one that truely cared for the power of destruction. Heltrone traveled with Exdolu for a decade before he told Exdolu of his true intent. Heltrone had to disguise his accompaniment as an apprenticeship that Exdolu was willing to accept. Exdolu taught Heltrone the magic of destruction. Heltrone was forced in his disguise to use the magic and destroy in front of Exdolu as tests in his apprenticeship. Heltrone found that all Exdolu knew and wanted was destruction and to contain that power within him.

This was the proof that Heltrone needed that he was the best person for the job. Exdolu (race unknown due to the damage he has caused to his body with the destruction) was told by Heltrone that he wanted Exdolu to be the Guardian of Destruction. Before Exdolu could say a word, Heltrone turned a mountain on the horizon into a crater with a flick of his wrist. Exdolu then grinned at Heltrone, “Do you still wish for me to be this Guardian?”

Exdolu, now pleased with his power and immortality, brings forth destruction to the land only when Heltrone commands.


Dellune: Guardian of Purity


Heltrone waited fifty years before continuing his search for guardians to represent the New Elements. After finding comfort in Hamaren, Aedimo, and Exdolu’s abilities to keep the True Elements under control, he began his search for someone to keep the World of Aesis pure.

In his travels, he discovered Dellune, a beautiful elf from the land of Lithansis. She was a innkeeper in the city of Silvertris who took in all visitors who needed a place to rest. Dellune allowed Heltrone to stay in the inn. At first, Heltrone did not realize that this innkeeper could be the Guardian of Purity: the balance of life and creation, but he stayed in the inn for three weeks until he realized. He gifted Dellune divine power and immortality. With this new blessing, Dellune travels the land providing shelter to those with good hearts and in need.

She is known as the Guardian of Purity, but many believe she is truly the Guardian of Peace.


Nourani: Guardian of Spirit


Nourani, a woodland half-elf of The Abilene Forest, was an animal shape shifter. While Heltrone was travelling through the forest, during one of his hunts, he shot a deer that as it fell, formed into a woman. As he approached, he found his arrow shot threw her heart with the arrow head piercing out of her back. He granted her life back to her and healed her wounds.

Nourani came to with a new perspective on the balance of life and death. For the short time that she was dead, she had become a spirit and found that being a spirit was torturous. The Spirit Realm was in pain. She looked to Heltrone who was holding her in his arms for help and exclaimed loudly and forcefully to help her get back to the Spirit Realm so that she can help the other spirits be free of that pain.

Heltrone stabbed Nourani in the heart with his sword, and as she passed back into the Spirit Realm, he provided her immortality and divine power to move between the realms of the living and dead as the Guardian of Spirit. Nourani went into the Spirit Realm and began a process that brought a calm to the lost.


Kristopf: Guardian of Law


Kristopf Morningrise was a Storm Guard during the balancing of the elements. He wielded the traditional longsword and square, metal shield. Heltrone, visiting Port Haven, witnessed a brawl at a tavern in the center of the city. Kristopf, the guard on duty in the area, arrested both men and held a public temporary trial in the tavern. Kristopf sentenced both men guilty and a night’s stay in prison.

After this event, Heltrone followed Kristopf through the city and watched him on and off duty. Kristopf held every citizen to the law. Kristopf did not let his feelings and emotions distract him from following and upholding the law. With further investigation, Heltrone felt that Kristopf only feelings and emotions were the law.

Heltrone gifted Kristopf immortality and the role of Guardian of Law: the balance of creation and destruction.


Jiminy: Guardian of Chaos


The discovery of chaos in the balancing of the elements was terrifying to Heltrone. Heltrone himself was the essence of life and he had to provide immortality to someone who lived in destruction. Destruction being the element that can shorten life seemed to be counter productive to what Heltrone was there to preserve and protect.

Heltrone made his way to the islands of Loron, a dreadful pirate and thief cove off the cost of Televastral. These islands are the home of chaotic breeds of men that could not continue their lives on the main land of Televastral due to their past endeavors. Heltrone discovered Jiminy on these islands–a gnome gambler that rigged his games to win. Jiminy spoke in riddles and rhymes to Heltrone and attempted multiple times to trick Heltrone into owing his life to Jiminy. Heltrone, in a successful attempt, challenged Jiminy's wit and won this unbeatable game.

Heltrone now in control of Jiminy’s life granted him the title Guardian of Chaos: the balance of life and destruction along with immortality. Once Jiminy was given this power, he disappeared in a flurry of white smoke. Heltrone saw this escape with short foresight and though he granted Jiminy immortality, he did not take away the aging process.


Haenet: Guardian of Darkness


Heltrone travelled to an island far away not found on any map. There he found a creature--an intelligent creature for whom he felt sorrow.  The creature was alone and could not speak. Heltrone, upon meeting this creature, named him Haenet and discovered that the creature had death and power growing within its being. He watched and traveled with the creature through the lands of Aesis. When Heltrone took Haenet into Mithron, a surge of power started to grow within the creature the deeper they traveled into Mithron. Haenet began mutating slowly and eventually, Heltrone tried to turn them back, but the creature continued to push further into Mithron. Heltrone in his final attempt to befriend Haenet granted him immortality and the role of Guardian thinking that he would be great after learning the responsibility of the a guardian. But instead, Haenet overpowered the land of Mithron and covered it in darkness. Heltrone felt naive and escaped the lost nation before Haenet over powered Heltrone himself.

It is believed that the creature had used the power of The Arcane Well to create this new home. Mithron still hides away in the shadows where he continues to live to this day as the Guardian of Darkness: the balance of death and creation.


Vorin: Guardian of Evil


After all of the other guardians were assigned, Heltrone decided that it was time to find the Guardian of Evil, the balance of death and destruction. The power that this guardian would have would grant a man the opportunity to defy and overpower any guardian individually. The Guardian of Evil would be able to be controlled if all other elements were in balance.

A far distance to the north past the city of Calandria, Heltrone found a boy in tattered rags living alone in the mountains. The boy was scarred from previous cuts and burns and lived off of rotting dead carcasses as he did not have the strength or power to hunt. The boy was terrified of Heltrone when he first met. In his fear, he attacked Heltrone scratching and biting in a fierce rage. Heltrone felt a great evil within him.

The history of where the boy came from is unknown. The most popular belief is that he came from the abyssal realm when a Dwarven mining attempt ran too deep. Heltrone felt that this boy was the perfect person to preserve evil and granted him immortality and named him Vorin. Heltrone left Vorin in the mountains alone to fuel his hatred and rage. As he left, Heltrone did not grace Vorin with a goodbye or blessing, but simply said, “Fuel the flame of the coming war.”