To the northeast is the continent of Solaria that consists of five nations that have had conflict for numerous centuries. The continent has seen its fair share of imbalance within the equilibrium and strives for an end to the grief and struggle. The five nations have at no time unified and only one nation continues to attempt for a unification.


Based on the premise of democracy and peace, Andrin brings diplomacy to the table when representatives of Solarian nations gather. Andrin's history grows deep into the roots of Aesis. The citizens of Aesis most commonly have ancestry that reaches back to Andrin natives. Andrin is the home of two major organizations of Aesis: The Crimson Command (who reside in the city of Gamor) and The Golden Krails (who reside in the city of Honarya). 

Andrin has seen several wars with their neighboring nation Rodana. Before The Equilibrium, Rodana conquered Andrin and broke their democratic system. Once Rodana lost their conquered land due to the guardians' involvement, governors were elected to power of the major cities. To this day, Andrin has been left with a civil bureaucratic feud throughout their land.

All races are welcome to live within the borders of Andrin. Slavery and discrimination is looked down upon by most citizens. Dellune, Guardian of Purity, is most respected within Andrin


War. Heroism. Reknown. These words describe the citizens of Rodana. They live to conquer and are trained from birth to fight. All children (male and female) are forced through trials to prove they are worthy. If a child is unable to accomplish the trials by the age of twelve, they are forced into slavery and trained from then on to be servants. Native slaves were used to build two bridges, 40 miles in length and 300 yards wide, over the straits between Rodana, Televastral, and Andrin. These bridges are not guarded and are considered a dangerous trek due to the bandits along the path and the treacherous waters underneath.

Rodana's history of war has several successful campaigns, but the two major wars that the citizens of Aesis remember the most led Rodana's armies to defeat when the guardians interrupted their devastation. At the time of The Equilibrium, Rodana had conquered Televastral and Andrin. When they were moving their offensive force into Mithron, Haenet covered the entire nation of Mithron in darkness and the hundred legions of Rodanian soldiers were lost to the darkness unable to find the light out. 200 years after their Solarian campaign, they attempted to conquer Lunalia to the southwest. After conquering two nations and attempting to breach the wall of Port Haven of Lunalia, Aedimo battled with a monstrosity created by Exdolu that destroyed the entire Rodanian offensive again. 

Even with Rodana's negative experience with the guardians, the populace of Rodana strongly believes in the strength of Law and highly dedicate their beliefs and doings to Kristopf, the Guardian of Law.

It's been 200 years since Rodana's attempt on Lunalia. The citizens of Aesis fear Rodana is once again stirring another tyrannical brew to attempt another series of battles again.


The economy of Televastal is built on the foundation of agriculture and craft. Solaria is provided with lush and vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables all originating from the farms of Televastral. And if you ever considered furnishing a lavish manor or estate, there is no timber like that of Televastral's Abilene Forest and Dulewood--crafted by carpenters with ancient techniques. 

Televastral runs as a feudal system. The land is separated into several fiefdoms that are ruled by lords in the name of the kingdom. The king of Televastral resides in a moderately built castle within the city of Tempia. Though the citizens live within this feudal system, kings and lords of the past have never lived luxurious lives. The men (not women) in charge of these lands have never ruled with an iron fist leaving the citizens with a pursuit of happiness that most rulers ignore.


The dwarves of Calandria live within the fiery Mountains of Torlough mining plentiful veins of various metals and gems. Of those metals is a high quality metal known as dark iron that has purple undertones within its shine. Dark iron is twenty times heavier than iron and rarely cast as handheld weapons or armor. Dark iron is commonly used for fortresses and is sold to kingdoms all across Aesis for the construction of their defenses. The most known and extravagant of fortresses is the gates of Tinatha built into the Mountains of Torlough. Tinatha is the capital city of Calandria and is welcome to all visitors to help sell the vaults of forged dark iron.

The history and ancestry of Calandria is not well known. It is not known if the dwarves kept writings of their history within their kingdom, but even then, the only known information is the writings of other nations and kingdoms that had any dealings with the dwarves of Calandria.


The lost kingdom of Mithron is a treasure hunter's dream. Before The Equilibrium, Mithron was the home of the strongest enchanters Aesis had ever seen. Using power of The Arcane Well, Mithron produced huge quantities and varieties of magical artifacts and items. But when Haenet, the Guardian of Darkness, gained his power, he made Mithron his new home and seized the borders as his own. With Haenet taking control of Mithron and the home of The Arcane Well, arcane users across Aesis lost a link with the arcane spectrum and now casting an intermediate spell hurts, fatigues, and damages the body of the caster. Even worse, casting an advanced spell for an arcanist is as bad as a deep stab from a dagger. Wizards and sorcerers have claimed that when casting advanced spells, the damge has been internal bleeding and scarred wounds reopening.

Even then, the fright of the darkness has not swayed many from seeking riches and glory from entering Mithron. But for those that have entered, none have returned.




Heltrone's Blade is the name given to the unification of three kingdoms: Chandellon, Somar, and Port Haven. The three nations have control all of the western half of Lunalia. The pyramid of rule starts with the King of Chandellon. Chancellors rule in the name of a guardian under the king. Each chancellor has three archons that monitor and maintain the judicial, municipal, and military ordnance within each nation. Nine chancellors (a chancellor for each guardian--excluding Vorin, the Guardian of Evil) maintain the balance within each nation with the help and strength of their archons. The capital cities of each nation are simply named after the name of the kingdoms themselves.


Chandellon, also know as the City of Gold is the hub of Heltrone's Blade. Nicknaming Chandellon The City of Gold is obvious once you lay eyes on the city itself. The outside walls and the central castle where the king resides are plated in gold. When looking onto Chandellon from a distance at dawn or dusk, the city reflects light from the sun as far as the eye can see and continues to provide daylight throughout the horizon. 

Located halfway between Somar and Port Haven, when representatives, chancellors, or archons meet to discuss the status of all of Heltrone's Blade, Chandellon is the gathering point for all. Any decisions made on behalf of the unity of these three kingdoms originates and ends within the chambers of Chandellon's castle.

Chandellon's army, The Sentinels, is known to be one of the most impressive armies in all of Aesis. The Sentinels, dressed in gold plated armor and shields, are best known for their open field tactics. Many would even bet against Rodana if The Sentinels were to meet them in open field--though, the two nations never have met in open field.

Wigistry University also resides within the walls of Chandellon. The university is a school for wizards and does not accept sorcerors and warlocks for their study. The Wizard's Rainbow, an elite arcane guild, trains these students. The cost of tuition however often sways curious wizards from ever getting such education and training.

Chandellon's society is a simple one--from an economic and spiritual standpoint. With all the elements and guardians being respected and worshiped, there is an even balance of followers for all guardians. However, Chandellon's kings have typically been followers of Heltrone. The economy survives based on coin, but bartering is a common practice within the marketplaces.


Port Haven at one point was the busiest and most complex port city in all of Aesis. But after The Equilibrium and the plague of death taking over The Great Sea, naval trade became rather limited within Lunalia. But once The Great Sea was renamed to The Shadow Sea, exports to and imports from Solaria, Loron, and Lithansis is the only activity that continues to find trade with Heltrone's Blade through Port Haven. 

Port Haven's defenses are considered the strongest in all of Aesis to this day (mostly because no one has dared to attack the dwarves in Tinatha) and the city has never been conquered. Rodana may have succeeded in their conquest through Lunalia, but we will never know due to the guardians interruption. The army of Port Haven is nick named The Storm Guard because the height of the walls is said to touch the sky's thunder.

Being part of Heltrone's blade leaves the bureaucratic system to follow in the footsteps of Chandellon. Though Port Haven does not have a king, one of the chancellors is voted in by the people of Port Haven as the high chancellor. Commonly, the high chancellor is the Chancellor of Kristopf and Law.


In the north of Heltrone's Blade lies a kingdom and city called Somar. Somar is a simple kingdom that has not changed for centuries. The city is located in the valley and edge of a mountain range and mining simple metals is the basis of their economy. A variety of people live in the mountains north of the city of Somar--some not even known because the mountains are treacherous to explore. 

Temples and monasteries of all the guardians find refuge and quiet within these mountains. The priests, monks, clerics, and paladins of Heltrone's Blade commonly are trained within these mountains. Chandellon and Port Haven even send their acolytes of the elements into these temples and monasteries at young ages to further their knowledge and grow wise to the balance of their chosen guardian.


On the northeast corner of Lunalia lies the orc kingdom of Athern. Before The Equilibrium, Athern was a strong, self-maintained city-kingdom run by humans that followed and adored the element of creation. But before the balancing of the elements, Exdolu (before he became a guardian) laid waste to the inhabitants as proof that destruction was stronger than creation. The orcs of Lunalia had proven themselves to be loyal followers of Exdolu and his destruction. Exdolu gave the orcs Athern in his name and to this day, he protects (even as the Guardian of Destruction) the orcs when faced with odds not in their favor.

The orcs assisted Rodana in the attack on Heltrone's blade two centuries ago. But one orc, when at the walls of Port Haven, led the orcs to turn on Rodana and assisted Port Haven in defense of Lunalia from this foreign invader. In turn, Heltrone's Blade had a short alliance with the orcs and educated and trained the orcs to lead a civilized life. But the temperament life span of an orc can quickly forget such an alliance, and Heltrone's Blade once again found themselves protecting the borders from orc invaders. 


The lost city-kingdom of Ladrelldon has been forgotten for over a millennium. Dwarves of the forest and mountains in the southeast of Lunalia hide away in their borders--if they are even still alive. Diplomats, explorers, and treasure hunters have ventured into these borders without finding any evidence that the dwarves ever existed. Though these adventurers do venture back, those that have attempted to settle on these lands are lost and with no evidence of them ever existing just like the dwarves. 

Some think the land has fallen to demonic possession and creatures of evil now corrupt the land. But wise sages believe the land has been corrupted by another realm and it is a passage into another dimension.



Lithansis is the northwest continent of Aesis. Elves live on this continent untouched by The Equilibrium. No other races are allowed within the borders of Lithansis. There are three large islands surrounding the main land of Lithansis. Each island has a deep and divine connection to three of the elves' four elements: earth, air, and water. The fourth element, fire, is not worshiped by the elves but is respected in its power. 


Silvertris is the capital city of the elves located in the southeastern forest on the main land. The elves' high priests and leaders reside in Silvertris to handle foreign and domestic policy. Silvertris is believed to house The White Well which is powered by a fifth orb of white created by the elves to continue giving immortal life to the elves within the borders of Lithansis. The white orb is also believed to create a barrier around Lithansis which keeps the elements of The Equilibrium from touching the lands and waters of the elves.

There are elves that find sympathy and pity for the populace of Aesis outside of Lithansis and will leave the borders and sacrifice their immortality to aide and assist those in Aesis constantly finding conflict with The Equilibrium.

Silvertris focuses and empowers the divine influence. The citizens of Silvertris have the strongest connection with their elves' elements and frequent the sister islands to maintain the temples and shrines on those islands. Some elves even volunteer for sacrifice to their elemental gods to please them in times of trouble. A sacrifice however has not been needed since The Equilibrium.


Hatal'Lanar is the only other major city on Lithansis. Where the citizens of Silvertris believe in elemental gods and dedicate their livelihood to the divine, the citizens of Hatal'Lanar find peace with the arcane and believe the elements are not the power of elemental gods, but that the elements just are what they are. With the corruption of The Arcane Well in Mithron, the elves of Hatal'Lanar have lost a strong link to their arcane heritage and to this day seek a replacement of The Arcane Well to continue their practice for arcane power.



Loron is the lone pair of islands that sit between Lithansis and Lunalia far into the ocean. Loron used to be a distant and unforgiving prison controlled by Rodana, but as Aesis changed at the time of The Equilibrium, the island was lost to the prisoners and Rodana still has not regained control of the island. 

Pirates, credible thieves, and criminals escaping prosecution from all nations run to Loron for safety. The ungoverned island is considered a dangerous cesspool of a broken society. Tinkering gnomes found it intriguing for their experiments... The western island is the home of gnomes performing less respected experiments on willing volunteers and purchased slaves.